Levelling the Ground for Women in Kenya’s Flower Industry

Rosemary Achieng is a flower worker at Panda Flowers in Kenya. This International Women’s Day, we shine a spotlight on the challenges faced...


Empowering Women in Rural Communities

14. Oktober 2016

María Edy Rivera On 15 October, the UN International Day for Rural Women, Fairtrade coffee farmer María Edy Rivera shares her thoughts on...


Behind the Petal

An opinion piece by Tsitsi Choruma, Chief Operating Officer at Fairtrade Africa and Senior Advisor on GenderGender inequality is often...


Fighting coffee rust in Latin America

10. Dezember 2015

Climate change is already severely impacting the coffee sector and affecting Fairtrade producers worldwide. Coffee diseases have increased...


Raising the Voices of Rural Women

15. Oktober 2015

Photo by Margriet Goris An opinion piece by Tsitsi Choruma, Senior Advisor, Gender at Fairtrade International. Growing up in urban...


New Fairtrade Climate Standard enables smallholders and rural communities to fight climate change

01. Oktober 2015

Building bricks for clean cookstoves. 20 000 coffee producing families in Ethiopia received clean cookstoves in an energy efficiency pilot...


Gender Equality: Good for Women, Business & Development

Julia Rosario Salinas Cruz, coffee farmer and founder of the organization Fundacion Entre Mujeres in Nicaragua, is just one of many women in...


Listening to Girls

10. Oktober 2014

Girls and boys are at the centre of Fairtrade’s efforts to confront child labour in producer communities. Before Fairtrade conducts...


Women Leading the Way

Fairtrade recognizes the vital role of women in agriculture on International Women’s Day